Ethiopian Team

Yewbdar -Country Director

Yewbdar Addisu, Country Director

My name is Yewubdar Addisu and I am Unforgotten Faces Country Director. I graduated from Addis Ababa University with my BA in Philosophy.  I work in leading the Unforgotten Faces team locally because above all else it gives me the opportunity to help the people in my country. When I received the chance to work with Unforgotten Faces I was able to take care of my basic needs while still being able to serve my people.  Working as the UF Country Director helps me to feel that I am creating my own history, that I have done or achieved something in my life by helping others.  We all have our own problems in life but if we step out and help each other we can overcome our problems and make the world a better place.

Asart -Head Tutor

Asrat Bante, Head Tutor/Teacher

My Name is Asrat Bante. I am Unforgotten Faces head Tutor/Teacher.  I graduated from Cotebe Teachers Training College in Ethiopia. I love to teach children and serving the kids of my country, using the knowledge and skills I have acquired. I also enjoy spending time with children by showing, guiding and being someone that they can come to with their problems and help in sharing the difficulties they bare in life. I know that children will be the adults of the future and it is important for me to help them so that they can further develop their skills and overall knowledge.


Nahili Werku, Nurse

My name is Nahili Werku and I am the full time Nurse at the Unforgotten Faces site. I graduated college at Central University in Ethiopia with my BSC in Nursing. I work with Unforgotten Faces because it is set up to help my Ethiopian people and is not for profit nor for the organizations own personal benefit. I am very happy to be working with everyone at Unforgotten Faces and am blessed to be a part of the local UF team.

Shemelis - Accountant

Shemelis, Accountant

My name is Shemeles Ayalew Tesfaye and I am 50 years old.  I have my degree in public law and accounting and finance from Addis Ababa University. I am a federally authorized accountant and have 26 years work experience  in my field. I work with Unforgotten Faces because I believe in the organizations aim and purpose which is to reach and serve the forgotten one’s. Working with Unforgotten Faces is one way in which I am able to help my people.


Ashenifi, Jr. Accountant

My name is Ashenafi Merga and I am Unforgotten Faces local Jr. Accountant. I was born in Debre Zeit and received my accounting diploma yet am currently continuing my education to receive my BA degree.  I feel very blessed that I am able to work with Unforgotten Faces because we are all working as a team to help my people who are in need. I will do my best always in any way possible to help UF serve those in need.

Ayu-Head Cook

Ayu, Cook

My name is Ayelech Mena Aleso.  I  work for Unforgotten Faces because it gives me the chance to take my responsibility to help children from low income family with all my capacity to make them good  and competitive citizens in hopes for a bright future. Working here also helps me to have a better life for me and my family.




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The Unforgotten Faces team is working hard to offer different ways to support all the work that we are doing in Ethiopia. Coming Soon will be personal children support with optional full family support as well as some other options for you to be able to support exactly how you would like.

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Can’t Donate Money?

Though monitary donations are a very important aspect of UF being able to do the work we do, there are many more ways you can support our project. Feel free to contact our team direct to see how you can help.

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Sincere Thanks

The Unforgotten Faces team would like to thank each and every person who has supported our work in any way. Your generous and loving hearts make all that our team does possible. Our sincere thanks for your past and continued support!

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