Unforgotten Faces, is a 501C-3 based out of California and is licensed under the Ethiopian government to operate their children’s project in Debre Zeit (an hour outside Addis Ababa -the capital city of Ethiopia). The UF Ethiopian team is small but mighty and consists of all local Ethiopians and the Unforgotten Faces founder Kim Zember. In the United States Unforgotten Faces is built solely on volunteers.

The project in Debre Zeit is based around support to single parents and their children. Breakfast and lunch are given daily Monday through Saturday.  Education materials (uniforms, backpacks, textbooks, pencils, sharpeners, etc) are distributed each quarter.    Daily tutoring is given for all of the children Unforgotten Faces supports.  Children and parents are covered under a healthcare program UF has set up.  Sanitation materials for each family are distributed monthly.

Unforgotten Faces feels all children deserve a chance at a healthy life and a bright future and believes strongly that with daily meals, access to medical care, and a solid educational foundation helps lead children toward this goal. Unforgotten Faces aims to meet all of the children’s needs while striving to show them Christ’s love. They hope in doing so the children grow up with the opportunity to follow the vision God has put in their hearts, leading to be a positive influence within their country. While support is given to the families of the children the UF team works alongside the single parents on a variety of income generating programs in order for these families to work towards self-sustainability.

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The Unforgotten Faces team is working hard to offer different ways to support all the work that we are doing in Ethiopia. Coming Soon will be personal children support with optional full family support as well as some other options for you to be able to support exactly how you would like.

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Can’t Donate Money?

Though monitary donations are a very important aspect of UF being able to do the work we do, there are many more ways you can support our project. Feel free to contact our team direct to see how you can help.

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Sincere Thanks

The Unforgotten Faces team would like to thank each and every person who has supported our work in any way. Your generous and loving hearts make all that our team does possible. Our sincere thanks for your past and continued support!

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